Treasures & Hidden Riches

Everyone loves treasures. Think about how excited we become when a visiting speaker comes to our church and drops some amazing revelations on us from texts that we have known from the heart. We say, ‘wow! I never saw that before and I have read that text so many times.’ What has happened is that the Spirit has taken us to a deeper and purer and juicier level of that same onion of truth. Revelational truths bring excitement and renew commitment to service in the kingdom. And the abundance of those treasures cannot be exhausted (Rom.11:33). Through the Spirit we can extract new treasures every day and when we come to the end of our race still find ourselves like Paul still yearning to know more of Christ (Phil.3:10).

The aim of this booklet is to challenge us as ministers and leaders and workers in the kingdom to walk in the fullness of the Spirit and trust him to take us into the depths of Christ in whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge (Col.2:3).

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