Making Church Fun Again: Call for Return to Pentecost

The Day of Pentecost was the day when it all began. It was then that the Spirit was poured out and the church was born in power and glory. The unity among believers, the patience learned from waiting for so long for the promise of the Father, the rushing mighty wind, the shaking of the house, the cloven tongues of fire on their heads, supernaturally speaking in languages they had never learnt, being drunk in the Spirit and losing their composure, the reactions on the faces of pilgrims visiting Jerusalem and hearing the commotion coming from the upper room, the anointed preaching of Peter and salvation of thousands. This was a Day of clean fun and it is what is missing from the church today.

In this series of messages, the author calls for a return to our Pentecostal roots if we want to enjoy church again and see the lost come to Christ. People flocked by the thousands into the church that was born on the Day of Pentecost because the gospel was preached powerfully in love and was accompanied with signs and wonders. The worship was not sterilized and ritualistic but simple and liberating and the people were not made to feel ashamed to sing, or pray and get drunk and slain in the Spirit. Pentecost is the move from legalism to grace, and from fear to freedom. This is the way of the Spirit and where he is there is liberty.

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