Preaching Doom: Timely Messages from the Book of Jonah

We all dislike being the bearer of bad news and so we have ‘evolved’ to the place where we are constantly walking on eggshells around people, afraid that one word untimely spoken or one phrase ill-used may set off a vicious reaction from them.

As disciples it is not our job to decide what is politically correct or incorrect when it comes to the proclamation of the gospel of Jesus Christ. We are not called to edit or redact the gospel but to preach the whole counsel of God just as he gives it to us. Sometimes that calls for a message of judgment and sometimes it summons the heart to God’s love. Jonah discovered that it does not take much to save a ruthless king and his powerful kingdom. But we must wait on God’s green light. When he prompts us to go and share his message, however simple, let us obey for all along he was at work preparing that heart for a release of grace.

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