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Richard Rupnarain (1956 – ) was born in the former British colony of Guyana. At age 20 he became a licensed minister with the Assemblies of God and took up his first pastorate. He moved to Toronto in 1989, where he currently resides with his wife Sandra and their two children. Presently he serves as the senior pastor of Calvary Worship Center in Mississauga, Ontario. He has written a series of 4 books on his experiences in Guyana as an accountant and pastor, including Spirits of Le Resouvenir, a historical piece on events leading up to the Demerara Rebellion of 1823.

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New YouTube Video is Up: The Millennium - Let me know what you think below. ...

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Tastes Awful but it Works

It is not uncommon for those who travel abroad to make it a must to pick up a few souvenirs and memorabilia to remind them of their trip, whether on business or vacation. We might also do a bit of shopping for family and friends. After all, how can we boast that we have been…

Somebody to Love

In times of prosperity, we tend to leave God standing on the doorstep of our homes, nations, and churches. We assume the credit for all our gains, and we hug the glory for our achievements. Like king Nebuchadnezzar, we strut on the walls of our achievements and boast, “Is this not the great Babylon, that…

The New is Old

It is just past the middle of April 2020. We are somewhere on the curve of the coronavirus pandemic but there is uncertainty as to our location. Some of the experts think we are standing on its plateau while others think there is still lots of mountains ahead to climb. While the virus runs its…

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