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Richard Rupnarain (1956 – ) was born in the former British colony of Guyana. At age 20 he became a licensed minister with the Assemblies of God and took up his first pastorate. He moved to Toronto in 1989, where he currently resides with his wife Sandra and their two children. Presently he serves as the senior pastor of Calvary Worship Center in Mississauga, Ontario. He has written a series of 4 books on his experiences in Guyana as an accountant and pastor, including Spirits of Le Resouvenir, a historical piece on events leading up to the Demerara Rebellion of 1823.

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Visit from a Fairy Godmother

During my childhood years it was not uncommon for siblings and friends to engage in a simple game called Just One Wish. Basically it went like this. One person would ask the other, “If a fairy godmother appears to you and grants you one wish, what would it be?” There was however one qualification attached…

World’s Biggest Blood Donor

For protection sake let us call him Gustav. To say he was thin would be an understatement. He was all bones. I estimate he could not have been more than 120 pounds even though he stood about 5 foot 9 inches. But he wasn’t sick. He came to work every day, immaculately attired in white…

Where is the Congestion?

Like most people I also look forward to the weekend. But this past weekend was extra special. My grandchildren were coming over to spend Saturday with us. Not too long after their arrival the younger of the two, four years old, wanted to go and play in the basement. I figured her insistence had to…

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